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Welcome To My Blog – And How Your day – Where you can read about life’s happenings and little mishaps. If your day looks bad, read one of these little stories to put a smile back on your face. Have a very blessed day 🙂 The Whispering Witch
  • Sissy – From Tramp To Lady

    December 2, 2019 by

    JULY 3, 2019BY TEACHINGANDSINGING Sissy – From Tramp To Lady Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous four-legged, black fur nose without a name in the same shelter, we were still working at.They called her “Dam”, which is Thai for Black. I had been so busy with trying to figure out how to get Loki… Read more

  • Just Another Day In Paradise

    December 2, 2019 by

    Just another day in Paradise December 01, 2019 Another hot and humid day in my home of choice – Thailand.I had been woken up by the screaming of two birds, that obviously did not know how to share this huge insect they’d found and were fighting over it, while the insect decided to make a… Read more

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